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Mrs Bridge

Hilarious satire with a darker message

Over the past year or so I have stumbled upon two brilliant books, which, strangely enough, have a great deal in common. The first one, Mrs Bridge by Evan S. Connell, was featured on BBC Radio 4’s excellent programme Open Book. I read it in one gulp and it immediately joined my favourite-books list.

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The Life Before Us

Funny and moving best-selling French novel of the 20th century

The Life Before Us is a heart-breaking story narrated by Momo, a ten year-old Arab immigrant. Momo, who lives in an orphanage run by ex-prostitute Madame Rosa, has seen things no ten-year old should see and is far too advanced for his age. But despite his shrewdness, Momo is still a child. Darkly comical and wonderfully poignant, The Life Before Us, the best-selling French novel of the 20th century, deserves to join the ranks of rediscovered classics. Read full Review