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The Little Free Library movement

In part 2 of our occasional bookish delights series, we’d love to shine a light on the fantastic work of the Little Free Library movement. It’s now almost a decade since Todd Bol created the very first Little Free Library, in honour of his late book-loving mother.

He built a model of a schoolhouse outside his home, filled it with books and invited passers-by to take one, and return later with a replacement. Take a book, share a book. Such a simple idea, fostering community spirit and an abiding love of reading. Little Free Library is now up and running in 88 countries worldwide, and we often Instagram our favourite designs, from a brightly painted fridge to a model of a filling station (complete with miniature pump). Tell us about any you know of, share your photos, and best of all, think about starting your own! Here are some of our favourites. Send us yours!

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