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Will this App revolutionise reading? Have a try!


A Boston-based technology company has invented an App, called Spritz, which makes it possible to read an astonishing 1000 words per minute. A typical novel, around 90,000 words or 360 pages, would take 90 minutes to read using Spritz.

Research has shown that when you read, only 20% of the time is spent decoding the text, while the remaining 80% is spent moving your eyes. The way the eyes process text is by finding a point within the word, the so-called ‘optimal recognition point’, and then deciphering the meaning of the word. The App ‘shoots’ words at you, one at a time, and I have to say it works! Not sure I would read War and Peace this way and certainly not good for relaxing bedtime reading, but nevertheless fascinating! You can try by clicking here.

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