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Things to look forward to…Kundera, Ishiguro, Morrison and Harper Lee

There’s an avalanche of new exciting books coming our way over the next few months, many by authors we haven’t heard from in a while and one from an author we haven’t heard from in half a decade!

Extraordinarily, the sequel to Harper Lee’s wonderful classic To Kill a Mockingbird , which was thought to have been lost, will be published in June. Whether or not the impact of Go Set a Watchman will be the same the first, which sold a staggering 40 million books, remains to be seen.

Here are some other books that will be published in the next six months:

MarchKazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant, his first book in a decade takes place in post-Roman Britain and includes mythical and fantasy elements. The temporal setting of this book intrigues me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel set in the times of the Saxons.

AprilToni Morrison’s God Help the Child looks at how childhood traumas follow us into adulthood. I love Morrison’s beautiful, condensed writing and I’m very much looking forward to this book.

Another Nobel Prize winner, Mario Vargas Llosa, is publishing his latest book The Discreet Hero, the story of two honourable men who, for different reasons, find themselves forced to do dishonourable things. Guaranteed to be funny.

June– The Festival of Insignificance, Milan Kundera’s first book in 13 years, is finally coming out in English. It has topped best-seller lists in France, Spain and Italy for a while already. The book was described by his publisher as a funny, surreal look at the insignificance of life and politics. Possibly his last book.

SeptemberJonathan Franzen’s Purity, a multigenerational American epic that spans decades and continents’ according to his publisher. Franzen’s books have never disappointed me. Looking forward to this one.

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Elena Ferrante’s fourth and last book in the Neapolitan series The Story of a Lost Child comes out in Septmember. Good news for Lila and Lenu addicts.

This should keep us all entertained for a while!