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Mind Your Head

A clear and supportive guide to young people's mental health

Here in the UK, the month of May brings Mental Health Awareness Week, a brilliant opportunity for Bookstoker to explore the literary side of the subject. Mind Your Head by Juno Dawson is a book we feel no teenager should be without. Packed with information and strategies on how to cope with a range of issues, this practical guide will become a personal counsellor residing on your bookshelf.

Firstly, let’s talk about the author. With such a personal subject as mental health, it’s vital to trust the person imparting advice to you. Juno Dawson is simply brilliant. Warmly conversational, never patronising, and always funny.

We’ve previously reviewed her excellent guide to gay teenage life, This Book is Gay. She tells us that puberty is the ultimate pupa stage. We’re trying to figure out who we’d like to be, and the world can seem terrifying.

Sometimes there are days when you look in your handbag and find you have no figs to give about anything.

The problem arises when every day is a ‘no figs’ day. Practical activities prompt the reader to examine their feelings, and reader input is most definitely expected.

Why did you get a copy of this book?

Have you ever felt sad or low? Tell me about it.

Relationship breakdowns, body image, drugs. Clear calm advice prevails. I particularly liked the hands-on approach to bullying. A useful evidence form is enclosed. Note dates and times, take action!

Juno Dawson speaks from experience. School was hell. She’s on your side. Beware of websites that are ‘gloomy echo chambers,’ glorifying certain disorders. And when informal support is not enough, visit your doctor. Your parents do not need to know, and you can take anyone with you.

An essential book then. Helping to maintain wellbeing, and reminding our teenagers that yes, they can take control.

You are the driver in the little car called your life.

Mind Your Head is published by Hot Key Books, 208 pages.

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